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Ytron Z 250.1 inline homogeniser
1x Homogenizer, Ytron, Z 11.00(FC)-4.3.2V.250.1, inline homogeniser/disperser, rotor-stator principle to homogenise one or more liquids and powders by high shear forces, product-contacting parts of stainless steel 316 (1.4401), 11 kW, 1465 rpm, DN 80 connections with dairy coupling, the homogeniser is trolley mounted, used in the food industry

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Allgaier ATS 600/2 Tumbler Screening Machine
1x Sieving Machine, Allgaier, ATS 600/2, 2-decks tumbler screening machine for separation into 3 fractions, 2 and 1 mm meshes, provided with bouncing ball cleaning decks, stainless steel AISI 304 product contact parts, 0.25 kW ATEX drive EEx eII T3, used in the food industry
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Vibrating conveyor 270 x 4000 - tube - stainless steel
1x Vibration conveyor, AEG, R4005/273-2U6X, centre-to-centre distance 4.02 m, 273 mm Ø, inlet 270 mm Ø, outlet 250 mm Ø, product contact parts of stainless steel AISI 321 (1.4541), 2x 0.51 kW drive, 1410 rpm, easy and fast cleanable, used in the food industry (milk powder)
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s/s tank - 6540 litre - agitator - insulation
1x Stainless Steel Tank, Vermo-Gits, 6540 liter, mixing tank with large three-blade propeller agitator, SEW dual speed drive 0.66 kW/ 23 rpm and 1.3 kW/ 47 rpm, one baffle inside the tank, the tank is insulated and covered with stainless steel jacket, jacket has some dents, free standing on 3 stainless ...
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Alfa Laval CLIP 10-RM plate heatexchanger - 3 sections
1x Heat exchanger, Alfa Laval, CLIP10-RM, 824.8 litre, max. work. pressure 10 bar, max. work. temperature 120°C, T.P.13.0 bar g, connections head 2 up, follower 2 up, 3 sections, sanitary, used in the food industry as pasteuriser for milk
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s/s centrifugal sieve Powtek 7x22 Sifter
1x Sieving Machine, Powtek, 7x22 Sifter, screen insert 550 mm x 180 mm Ø, 2 mm mesh (easy to change ...
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Twin Shell Dry blender solids/solids
1x V-Blender, Patterson-Kelly, Twin shell dry blender, working capacity 30 cu.ft., max. material den...
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