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Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer - S/S - 5870 Litre -  jacketed
1x Paddle mixer, Inotec, IM-4500, heated dual shaft stainless-steel paddle mixer, total volume 5870 litre, usable volume / capacity 4500 litre, provided with half-pipe coil heat exchanger, interleaving paddles mounted on different levels, short mixing times, discharge via one outlet, separate sampling outlet, stainless steel AISI 304, 37 kW SEW drive, 23 rpm, several openings / connections on top incl. 2 inspection hatches, application examples pet food, meat and sausages production, product approx. 5 mm up to fist size, overall dimensions 4.6 x 1.8 x 1.9 m (lxwxh), used in the feed industry (pet food)

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Allgaier VTS 1400 2-deck s/s vibration screening machine
1x Sieving Machine, Allgaier, VTS 1400/2, 2-decks vibration screening machine for separation into 3 fractions, 1.59 m2 screen surface per deck, both decks provided with bouncing ball cleaning (there is a perforated floor with balls under the screen fabric, the balls strike the screen fabric from below to...
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Allgaier Vibrall D 800 control screening machine ATEX
1x Sieving Machine, Allgaier, Vibrall D 800, vibration screening machine for protective and control screening of free flowing bulk materials, especially suitable for the use in vertical transport systems with high throughput, ATEX execution, product contact parts of stainless steel, outlet 200 mm Ø, stai...
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Strainer - double construction - 1 mm mesh
1x Liquid filter, strainer, double construction, filter cleaning possible without production stop, 1 mm screen perforation, screen inserts 68 mm Ø x 430 mm, used in the food industry
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AZO AS-300 rotary valve
1x Rotary valve, AZO (Derion-Westinghouse), AS-300, suitable as airlock and for dosing/discharging powder or granulate, stainless steel rotor with interchangeable rotor blades, chromed housing, 300 mm Ø inlet and outlet, overall height 520 mm, 0.75 kW SEW drive, rotor 20 rpm, used in the food industry (m...
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s/s centrifugal sieve Powtek 7x22 Sifter
1x Sieving Machine, Powtek, 7x22 Sifter, screen insert 550 mm x 180 mm Ø, 2 mm mesh (easy to change ...
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