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Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer - S/S - 5870 Litre -  jacketed
1x Paddle mixer, Inotec, IM-4500, heated dual shaft stainless-steel paddle mixer, total volume 5870 litre, usable volume / capacity 4500 litre, provided with half-pipe coil heat exchanger, interleaving paddles mounted on different levels, short mixing times, discharge via one outlet, separate sampling outlet, stainless steel AISI 304, 37 kW SEW drive, 23 rpm, several openings / connections on top incl. 2 inspection hatches, application examples pet food, meat and sausages production, product approx. 5 mm up to fist size, overall dimensions 4.6 x 1.8 x 1.9 m (lxwxh), used in the feed industry (pet food)

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Gericke GMS 1200 Multiflux batch paddle mixer
1x Paddle mixer, Gericke, GMS-1200, ss 304, dual-shaft mixer, mixer volume 1200 liter, filling volume 300 - 960 liter, fluidised bed zone for spraying on liquids without the formation of agglomerates, externally mounted bearings with air purge seals, 2 pneumatic actuated discharge valves, 15 kW ABB drive...
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Lobe pump Waukesha Model 015
1x Rotary Lobe Pump, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, Model 015, 0.75 kW SEW drive, 165 rpm, 0.5 m3/h (0.054 liter/rev), mounted at a stainless steel frame
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Mobile screw feeder with bag dump
1x Screw conveyor, Van Beek, 100 litre hopper with grid, 5.5 m3/h, 0.75 kW SEW drive, 44 rpm, hopper inlet height 940 mm, single-bearing (no bearing at outlet side)
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2000 liter hydrophore pressure tank - 6 bar
2x Steel tank, 2000 liter, operating pressure max. 6 bar, hot dipped galvanized steel, cylindrical body and dished heads thickness 5 mm, 2x DN 50 (2") flanged connection, AISI 304 stainless steel magnetic level gauge, DN 32 (1-1/4") drain, DN 400 manhole, dimensions approx. Ø 1300 mm x 1888 mm height, un...
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s/s centrifugal sieve Powtek 7x22 Sifter
1x Sieving Machine, Powtek, 7x22 Sifter, screen insert 550 mm x 180 mm Ø, 2 mm mesh (easy to change ...
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Twin Shell Dry blender solids/solids
1x V-Blender, Patterson-Kelly, Twin shell dry blender, working capacity 30 cu.ft., max. material den...
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