Stainless Steel Silo's

Feed station for vacuum conveying system - 250 liter
1x Stainless Steel Silo, ss, 250 liter, 3 aeration pads with control panel, electro-pneumatic air-valve at NW50 outlet, level switch in lower cone part, dimensions 0.87 m dia. x 1.35 m height, used as starting point in vacuum conveying system
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200 litre stainless steel hopper with dust filter
1x Stainless Steel Silo, 200 liter, provided with air purge cleaned dust filter (excl. filter socks), 300 mm Ø inlet, E+H level switch, 300 mm Ø outlet with counter flange, stainless steel AISI 304 product contact parts, dimensions 110 cm Ø x 220 cm high, used in the food industry (milk powder)
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Feed station for pneumatic conveying system - 70 litre
1x Stainless Steel Silo, ss, 70 liter, inlet 300 mm diameter with pneumatic actuated stainless steel butterfly valve, outlet 70 mm with 90°-bend and flange, 3 aeration pads in cone, dimensions 50 cm diameter x 1.07 m high
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