Tanks / Silo's

Mild Steel Tanks
2000 liter hydrophore pressure tank - 6 bar
2x Steel tank, 2000 liter, operating pressure max. 6 bar, hot dipped galvanized steel, cylindrical body and dished heads thickness 5 mm, 2x DN 50 (2") flanged connection, AISI 304 stainless steel magnetic level gauge, DN 32 (1-1/4") drain, DN 400 manhole, dimensions approx. Ø 1300 mm x 1888 mm height, unused
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50,000 liter storage tank with heating coil and insulation
1x Steel tank, 50000 liter, heating coil inside the tank with 50 mm connections outside the tank, insulated, , horizontal construction on 2 fixed bearing shells, hoisting eyes, 600 mm manhole on top, ladder, used for vegetable oil (palm-oil), dimensions 10.9 x 2.75 x 2.85 m (lxwxh)
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Stainless Steel Silo's
stainless steel hopper - 1500 litre
1x Stainless Steel Silo, 1500 liter, on top a 200 mm Ø opening and a 250 x 400 mm opening, outlet 300 x 410 mm, 3x preparation for level switch, 400 x 400 mm inspection/cleaning lid in front, at both sides supports for suspended mounting, overall dimensions 124 x 80 x 278 cm (lxwxh), used in the food industry
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stainless steel hopper - 2000 litre
1x Stainless Steel Silo, 2000 litre usable volume / capacity, outlet 300 mm Ø, 4 supports for suspended mounting, inspection/cleaning lid in cone, prepared for level switch in cylinder, on top a 400 mm Ø manway, silo 120 cm Ø, cylinder height 150 cm, cone height 110 cm, overall height 285 cm, used in the food industry
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Dosing hopper with agitator and output screw - 2 m3
1x Stainless Steel Silo, Klinkenberg, 2000 litre usable volume / capacity, horizontal agitator to prevent bridging (4 kW, 43 rpm), output/metering screw 150 mm Ø (1.5 kW, 43 rpm), stainless steel AISI 304, provided with load cell (1500 kg), Infastaub AM 064 dust filter (0.18 kW), dosing hopper mounted on carbon steel frame, stai...
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Stainless Steel Tanks
1300 litre jacketed mixing tank
1x Stainless Steel Tank, 1300 litre net capacity, heatable grid for powder supply, propeller agitator, 0.75 kW, 915 rpm, cylinder jacketed and insulated over a height of 1 m, hermetically sealed stainless steel housing, free standing on 3 legs with load cells (1000 kg each), incl. junction box, sloped bottom (complete emptying) ...
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Surplus Select is located in Swifterbant (Netherlands). More contact details....
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