Bag dump stations

Bag dump station
1x Bag dump station, operator desk (bag table) at 1.57 m height, outlet 180 mm diameter, rounded construction (no material residue in corners), dimensions 1.10 x 1.10 x 2.15 m (wxdxh) , used in the food industry (flour)
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Bag dump station - s/s
1x Bag dump station, material s/s AISI 304, operator desk (bag table) 94 x 40 cm, hinged cover, folding grid, flanged outlet 270 x 455 mm, on top an 150 mm Ø connection with valve, dimensions 133 x 94 x 130 cm (lxwxh), used in the food industry
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Bag dump station with dust collector
1x Bag dump station, provided with DCE DLMV 7/7 K3 compressed air cleaned dust filter, 7 m2 filter area, 10 filter elements, inspection hatch in hopper part, pneumatic impactor at hopper cone, E+H Ex level switch in hopper cone, overall height 3.5 m, cone height 1.15 m, hopper height 1.4 m, dust collecto...
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bag dump station with dust filter
1x Bag dump station, J-Tec, bottom outlet 800 mm Ø, provided with Mix SEBH075B4FP air purged filter, 1.5 kW fan, 7.5 m2 filtering surface, filtering media antistatic polyester, overall dimensions 110 x 113 x 290 cm (lxwxh), used in the cosmetic industry
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