Separation / Filtration / Screening

Alfa Laval AVNX 620 decanter
1x Decanter, Alfa Laval, AVNX 620 B 31G, 1985, ss, 15 kW, 6-12 m3/h, max. sludge density 1,8 kg/dm3, drum inside 353 mm, without hydraulic reservoir, s/n 500.4271, suitable for dewatering requirements of industrial and municipal waste water sludge, by 5% DS feed an output with 30-40% DS can be reached, d...
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Dust filters
Cyclone separator with dust filter
3x Dust filter, ss 316, 18 filter elements (65 mm dia. x 700 mm length), compressed air purge cleaning to ensure dust-free continuous operation, the cyclone is provided with a rotary paddle switch and prepared for a pneumatic impactor, cyclone inlet 65 mm diameter, outlet 175 mm with flange, air outlet o...
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Cyclone separator
4x Dust filter, cyclone for separation of particles/dust from air using centrifugal force, cyclone 200 mm Ø x 550 mm high, provided with WAM RV5 rotary airlock (0.55 kW) and chute, overall height 1.09 m, feed tube 60 mm Ø, air discharge tube 65 mm Ø, product/dust outlet 60 mm Ø, suitable for product reco...
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Receiver with air purge cleaned filter
1x Dust filter, Techno-G, receiver with pneumatic cleaned dust filter, 7 filter elements (55 mm Ø x 200 mm), product inlet 50 mm Ø, product outlet (bottom) 300 mm Ø, provided with E+H Ex level switch, overall height 132 cm, used in the food industry
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Donaldson Torit DCE Unimaster UMA 103 K3 dust collector
1x Dust filter, Donaldson Torit DCE, Unimaster UMA 103 K3, self-cleaning dust collector, 9.29 m2 filtration area, 340-1700 m3/h, explosion relief panel ITS 04 ATEX 12120 Ex II GD with guiding channel suitable for wall lead-through, integrated fan 1.5 kW, Donaldson UCS universal control system, 80 litre d...
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Liquid filters
Liquid filter - inline
1x Liquid filter, 2.5 mm perforation, filter housing 14 cm Ø x 136 cm, filter cartridge 7.5 cm Ø x 100 cm, incl. connections for parallel set-up with a second filter, used in the food industry
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