Separation / Filtration / Screening

Alfa Laval AVNX 620 decanter
1x Decanter, Alfa Laval, AVNX 620 B 31G, 1985, ss, 15 kW, 6-12 m3/h, max. sludge density 1,8 kg/dm3, drum inside 353 mm, without hydraulic reservoir, s/n 500.4271, suitable for dewatering requirements of industrial and municipal waste water sludge, by 5% DS feed an output with 30-40% DS can be reached, d...
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Dewatering Screws
Dewatering screw Huber Rotamat Ro1
1x Dewatering Screw, Huber, Rotamat Ro1 780/6, the wastewater flows into the open end of the inclined screen basket and then through the screen, floating and suspended materials are retained by the bars of the self-cleaning screen basket, the screenings drop into the centrally positioned trough with inte...
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Dust filters
Cyclone separator with dust filter
6x Dust filter, ss 316, 18 filter elements (65 mm dia. x 700 mm length), compressed air purge cleaning to ensure dust-free continuous operation, the cyclone is provided with a rotary paddle switch and prepared for a pneumatic impactor, cyclone inlet 65 mm diameter, outlet 175 mm with flange, air outlet o...
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s/s ATEX dust filter with explosion venting safety
1x Dust filter, with Aerob AAS-U-Micropore pneumatic cleaned filter system for continuous de-dusting, ATEX zone 22, 31 m2 filter area, Stuvex GE 2000 rupture disc on top, AZO/UWT ATEX level switch in silo cone, Netter ATEX pneumatic impactor at cone, Pepperl-Fuchs DN 250 ATEX butterfly valve at cone bott...
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AZO filter with air purge cleaning
1x Dust filter, AZO, filter with compressed air purge cleaning, 18 filter elements, 2.5 m2 filter surface, stainless steel housing, used in the food industry
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Receiver with air purge cleaned filter
1x Dust filter, Techno-G, receiver with pneumatic cleaned dust filter, 7 filter elements (55 mm Ø x 200 mm), product inlet 50 mm Ø, product outlet (bottom) 300 mm Ø, provided with E+H Ex level switch, overall height 132 cm, used in the food industry
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