Bulk bag / Sack handling

Bag dump stations
Bag dump station - s/s
1x Bag dump station, material s/s AISI 304, operator desk (bag table) 94 x 40 cm, hinged cover, folding grid, flanged outlet 270 x 455 mm, on top an 150 mm Ø connection with valve, dimensions 133 x 94 x 130 cm (lxwxh), used in the food industry
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Bag dump station
1x Bag dump station, operator desk (bag table) at 1.57 m height, outlet 180 mm diameter, rounded construction (no material residue in corners), dimensions 1.10 x 1.10 x 2.15 m (wxdxh) , used in the food industry (flour)
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Bag dump station - s/s - suitable for vacuum conveying
1x Bag dump station, operator desk (bag table) at 91 cm height, 100 litre hopper with 2 fluidisation pads and level switch, safety grid, 50 mm connection for vacuum conveying, valve adjustable dust aspiration, no material residue in corners due to round construction, overall dimensions 1.15 x 1.30 x 1.90...
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Big Bag Dischargers
Big Bag discharge station with s/s connection system
1x Big Bag Discharger, easy dust free connection of big bag outlet, double walled big bag connection system with dedusting connection, product contact parts of stainless steel, outlet height 74 cm, big bag support dish 136 cm Ø, stainless steel lid for support dish, overall dimensions 180 x 148 x 146 cm ...
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Big Bag Lifting Beams
Big Bag Lifting Beam - 500 kg
1x Big Bag Lifting Beam, max. 500 kg, provided with lifting eye for crane, 110 x 110 cm
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Chain Hoists
Electric Chain Hoist with trolley - 1600 kg
1x Chain Hoist, Demag, DKUN 16-1600 K V1 F4, 1600 kg load capacity, lifting height 5 m, 2 lifting speeds (8 en 2 m/min), with electric trolley for horizontal movement, 2.5/0.62 kW
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