Fan 22000 m3/h
1x Blower, Rucon, FR 631 N4, 22000 m3/h, 7.5 kW ABB direct drive, 1450 rpm, inlet 600 mm diameter and provided with grid, flanged outlet 440 x 630 mm incl. 90 degree curve, anti-vibration mounts, main switch
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Reitz radial fan 16800 m3/h
1x Blower, Reitz, RGE 008-028010, 2000, 16800 m3/h, 280 m3/min, 80 daPa, 7,5 kW drive
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stainless steel fan - 11 kW
1x Blower, ss, inlet 300 mm Ø and provided with pneumatic actuated fins, flanged outlet 275 x 320 mm, 11 kW indirect drive, the fan is mounted at a stainless steel frame with vibration dampers, dimensions 150 x 168 x 179 cm (lxwxh)
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Ventilator - 0,37 kW
1x Blower, air inlet 80 mm diameter, air outlet 65 mm diameter, 0.37 kW ABB drive, 2870 rpm, housing cast iron
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Kongskilde TRL 500 high pressure blower
1x Blower, Kongskilde, TRL 500, three-stage blower, 37 kW, 4300 rpm, outlet 160 mm Ø, max. air pressure 3500 mm WG (340 mBar), max. air volume 1800 m3/h, suitable for pneumatic conveying, used in the feed industry
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Centrifugal fan - middle pressure - 18.5 kW
1x Blower, Halifax Fan, 22.5 MBI, 18.5 kW direct drive, 2940 rpm, inlet 450 mm Ø, outlet 450 x 285 mm, incl. counter flanges for inlet and outlet, middle pressure fan
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