Jongia TS mixer - 1200 mm insert - 7.5 kW
1x Agitator, Jongia, TS 40, 7.5 kW, 1460 rpm, two dismountable propellers, 1x propeller 200 mm Ø, 1x collapsible propeller 100/400 mm Ø, insert length shaft 1.2 m, product-contacting parts of stainless steel 316 (1.4401), solid construction with extra bearings in the stainless steel lantern piece, 250 mm...
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Propeller-Agitator - 3 m insert length- Eex drive
1x Agitator, Typhoon, 7.5 kW Eex eIIT3 drive, 420 rpm, shaft and propeller of AISI 316, insert length shaft 3 m, 3-blade-propeller, propeller blades 240 x 105 mm, shaft 55 mm diameter, stainless steel flange
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Ystral Y 7.500 L / TFN-3D Jetstream mixer
1x Agitator, Ystral, Y 7.500 L / TFN-3D, Jetstream mixer, 7.5 kW drive, 1470 rpm, 220 mm Ø, insert length 500 mm, not or nearly not used
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