Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless steel pressure tank with 2 heat-exhangers
1x Stainless Steel Tank, Edel, ss 321, 36820 liter, 4,5 bar, jacket of s/s 304, 2 bar, 50 liter, jacket consists of 2 parts, has been used for beer
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Mixing tank - 21500 litre - AISI 304 - mild steel jacket
1x Stainless Steel Tank, 21500 liter, inner tank of stainless steel type 304 with mild steel jacket, top mounted mixer with 2x three-blade propeller, 490 mm manway door on top, 3" fill pipe with valve alongside the tank, 2"outlet in lower cylinder part, free standing on 6 mild steel legs, overall height ...
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10,000 litre insulated horizontal stainless steel vessel
1x Stainless Steel Tank, ss 304, 10000 liter, insulated and covered with stainless steel jacket, 38 mm outlet wit dairy coupling and 450 mm manway in the front, free standing on 6 height adjustable legs, total length 4.6 m and 2.16 m diameter
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Mixing Tank - 7300 litre - insulated - AISI 316
1x Stainless Steel Tank, ss 316, 7300 liter, top mounted mixer with 2 dispersion impellers (flatblade / Rushton), 1.6/2.0 kW Bauer drive, 32.5/65 rpm, 4 baffles inside the tank, 4 spray balls for cip cleaning, volume measuring rod inside the tank, 2 level switches in cylinder part, on top an 500 mm manwa...
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s/s tank - 6540 litre - agitator - insulation
1x Stainless Steel Tank, Vermo-Gits, 6540 liter, mixing tank with large three-blade propeller agitator, SEW dual speed drive 0.66 kW/ 23 rpm and 1.3 kW/ 47 rpm, one baffle inside the tank, the tank is insulated and covered with stainless steel jacket, jacket has some dents, free standing on 3 stainless ...
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1400 liter stainless steel tank with insulation - s/s 316L
1x Stainless Steel Tank, ss 316L, 1400 liter,
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