Milling / Crushing / Pressing

Lump breakers
Lump breaker 1400 x 470 mm - s/s 316
1x Lump breaker, Spaans, ss 316L, usable product throughput opening 1400 x 470 mm, flanged bottom and top, overall height 285 mm, 2,2 kW Ex drive, 60 rpm, flexible coupling
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Lump breaker/Screw conveyor 2450 x 400 - s/s type 316
1x Lump breaker, ss 316, lumps will be broken by a combination of paddles and stationary knives, length till outlet centre 2450 mm, outlet 400 x 400 mm, crusher/screw 400 mm diameter, air purge shaft seals, flanged shaft ends, 4 kW Ex drive, 12.5 - 76 rpm
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Alpine mill with stainless steel strikers
1x Lump breaker, Alpine, 80/63, stainless steel rotor with 4x 6 strikers, wear plates on the inside, inlet 600 x 400 mm, overall height 1.09 m, excl. drive
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Product compactors
Screw press - Product compactor
1x Product compactor, Van Beek, inlet through 67 x 78 cm, two feeding rolls parallel to the press screw, screw 195 mm Ø, pitch 190 mm, screw length 917 mm, 11 kW SEW drive, stainless steel control panel with frequency converter, compactor head 94 mm Ø, incl. 3 end parts (2x 29 mm Ø / 2x 39 mm Ø / 35 x 90...
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