Centrifugal Sifter KEK K650 Twin
1x Sieving Machine, Kemutec Powder Technology, KEK, inlet 21 x 30 cm with diverter valve, dosing scr...
Mobile Netzsch NM021 pump with 120 litre screw feeder
1x Eccentric Screw Pump, mobile pump trolley with feeding hopper, Netzsch NM 021 SO eccentric screw ...

Latest additions

cyclone - dust separator - stainless steel
1x Cyclone, cyclone for separation of particles/dust from air using centrifugal force, cyclone 400 mm Ø, feed opening 125 mm Ø, air discharge opening 250 mm Ø with filter sleeve support, product/dust outlet 150 mm, height 85 cm excl. filter support, cyclone made of stainless steel 304 (EN 1.4301), suitable for product recovery, ...
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bag dump station - stainless steel
1x Bag dump station, Derichs, operator desk (bag table) at 91 cm height, inward hinged cover, removable safety grid, asymmetric hopper with 250 mm Ø outlet, product contact parts of stainless steel AISI 304, aspiration connection, operator desk 81 x 41 cm, overall dimensions 104 x 88 x 180 cm (lxwxh), used in the food industry
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Screw heat exchanger Van Beek Celsius CTR600
1x Heat exchanger, Celsius (Van Beek), CTR 600, screw heat exchanger, heat transfer through jacketed wall and screw shafts, max 2.5 barg, 120°C, medium water, 50 mm insulation, stainless steel AISI 304 product contact parts, screw 576 mm Ø x 6000 mm long, 7.5 kW SEW drive, 44 rpm, overall dimensions 1150 x 7715, 2350 kg, used in...
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250 litre conical silo - stainless steel
1x Stainless Steel Silo, 250 liter, 60 cm Ø, on top several connections including 1x 210 mm Ø opening with flange, 1x opening with DN 40 pinch valve and sight glass, outlet with DN 50 pinch valve, silo made of stainless steel 304 (EN 1.4301), mobile, overall dimensions 82 x 90 x 145 cm high, used for plastic granules
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Where we are
Surplus Select is located in Swifterbant (Netherlands). More contact details....
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Alfa Laval TS6-MFG plate heat exchanger
2x Heat exchanger, Alfa Laval, TS6-MFG, side 1: volume 2.04 litre, test pressure 13 bar, design pres...
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Titan P-5050 grinder - 16 mm - 22 kW
1x Grinder, Petsmo Products, Titan P-5050, crushes to 16 mm max., outlet 22 cm Ø, inlet 38 x 58 cm, ...
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