Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer - S/S - 600 Litre - jacketed
1x Paddle mixer, Inotec, IM 600, heated dual shaft stainless-steel paddle mixer, usable volume / cap...
Schugi fluid bed dryer / cooler
1x Fluidised-bed dryer/cooler, Schugi, surface 400 x 2500 mm, product-contacting parts of AISI 304, ...

Latest additions

s/s centrifugal sieve Derichs DTW 650 with bag dump station
1x Sieving Machine, Derichs, bag dump station with safety grid and connection for dust extraction, Derichs DTW 650 centrifugal sieve, provided with 2 mm mesh (easy to change mesh size), bearings with compressed air sealing, 2.2 kW, 710 rpm, product contact parts of stainless steel 304 (1.4301), used in the food industry
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Mobile Netzsch NM021 pump with 120 litre screw feeder
1x Eccentric Screw Pump, mobile pump trolley with feeding hopper, Netzsch NM 021 SO eccentric screw pump with 2.2 kW SEW Movimot frequency controlled drive, 35-200 litre/h, max. 48 bar, operating temperature max. 80 °C, pump outlet DN 50 with dairy thread, 120 litre stainless steel hopper 49 x 75 cm with hinged safety grid, scre...
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Gericke DIW GDU Gravimetric Loss-in-Weight Feeder
1x Feeder, Gericke, DIW 200 / GDU 451, consisting of GDU 451 screw feeder with feeding tool/homogeniser for a free product flow, feeder front easy to open, outlet 53 mm Ø, hopper 120 litre, the feeder is mounted in a DIW 200 loss-in-weight system with tare compensation, 0.37 kW Bauer drive, 174 rpm (49-230-400 V / 5-50-100 Hz), ...
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stainless steel belt conveyor 1000 x 6800 mm
1x Belt conveyor, Van der Giessen, belt 6800 mm x 1000 mm wide (net), Volta synthetic belt, light trough-shaped belt, scraper/belt cleaner, self-supporting stainless steel frame, stainless steel covers/water collecting pan at the underside, 1.1 kW SEW drive, 25 rpm, used in the food industry
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Where we are
Surplus Select is located in Swifterbant (Netherlands). More contact details....
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FAN Separator PSS 3.2-780 Press Screw
1x Screw press, FAN Separator, PSS 3.2-780, original reinforced auger, 7.5 kW drive, screen with 1 m...
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Eurofiltec FC-800AC Multi-Plate-Filter (Gauthier)
1x Sheet filter, Eurofiltec, FC-800AC, "Gauthier filter", closed filter with horizontal plates, plat...
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