Sieving Machines

dewatering shaker
1x Sieving Machine, ss, used as dewatering vibratory conveyor, effective dewatering area 1200 x 450 mm, the dewatering deck is installed with quick clamps and can be changed easily, two 0.5 kW unbalanced motor drive, including removable water collecting hopper with 1300 x 210 mm outlet for mounting a sc...
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Rollier ME 100 3 sieving machine - 3 fractions
1x Sieving Machine, Rollier, ME 100 3, 3 screening decks for separation into 3 fractions, the second is a discharging decks to increase capacity, 3 new screens, mesh sizes 2.0 mm, 1.6 mm and 0.5 mm, 2x new sieve tensioner, 6x new tension sleeve, new polyester cover, 2x 1.96 kW unbalanced motor drive, inc...
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s/s centrifugal sieve Powtek 7x22 Sifter
1x Sieving Machine, Powtek, 7x22 Sifter, screen insert 550 mm x 180 mm Ø, 2 mm mesh (easy to change mesh size), inlet 150 mm Ø, outlet 530 x 380 mm, overflow 150 mm Ø, bearings with compressed air sealing, 2.2 kW, 930 rpm, product contact parts of stainless steel , used in the food industry
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Vibrating sieve machine - 2 decks - stainless steel
1x Sieving Machine, 2 screening decks for separation into 3 fractions, 1.2 m2 screen surface per deck, 3.8 and 4 mm mesh installed, stainless steel AISI 304 product contact parts, both screen decks consists of 3 parts, screen decks and covers easily removable due to quick clamps, 3 kW drive, overall dime...
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Control screen - stainless steel
1x Sieving Machine, inlet 500 x 500 mm, inlet including contra-flange, overall height 400 mm, inspection/cleaning hatch above and beneath the screening surface, outlet 200 x 200 mm, 0.15 kW drive, 2650 rpm, screen mesh damaged (easy to change mesh), the sieving machine is mounted on a stainless steel fra...
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Mogensen SZ 0534 Sizer
1x Sieving Machine, Mogensen, SZ 0534, 3 screening decks (6.5/5.0/1.6 mm meshes), 2 fractions (2 discharging decks), 2x 0.8 kW drive
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