Liquid filters

Pall PSS MBS100 2 PH H filter catridge - 1000 style - New !
13x Liquid filter, Pall, PSS MBS1002PHH, Filter element composed of 316 low carbon stainless steel powder sintered together in an inert environment, suitable for liquids and gases, liquids 1.4 L/min, gases 6.3 Nm3/h, filter area 0.09 m2, removal rating liquids 13 µm, removal rating gases 1.3 µm, Viton se...
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Pall PMS032G54H P-series filter housing - New !
4x Liquid filter, Pall, PMS032G54H, ss 316L, suitable for 3x cartridges type 1000 style, 10 bar, 185 degree C., Ex II2GD
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Liquid filter - inline
1x Liquid filter, 2.5 mm perforation, filter housing 14 cm Ø x 136 cm, filter cartridge 7.5 cm Ø x 100 cm, incl. connections for parallel set-up with a second filter, used in the food industry
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Nivoba V-2 self-cleaning safety screen for liquids
1x Liquid filter, Nivoba, V-2, inline self-cleaning safety screen for liquids, 20-30 m3/h, sieve opening 1.1 mm, screen surface 0.19 m2, No. of brushes 6, max. operating pressure 5 bar, 0.75 kW, NW 50 flanged connections, used in the starch industry, also designated as strainer
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Strainer - double construction - 1 mm mesh
1x Liquid filter, strainer, double construction, filter cleaning possible without production stop, 1 mm screen perforation, screen inserts 68 mm Ø x 430 mm, used in the food industry
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Liquid filter
2x Liquid filter, VF 777, 608R2K6B9, volume 37.5 litres, liquid group 2, design pressure 0-10 bar, test pressure 15 bar, design temperature 0-80 °C, PED category Art.3 Par.3, vessel material ss316L, used in the food industry
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