Rotary valves

DMN AML 200 rotary valve - s/s
2x Rotary valve, DMN Westinghouse, AML 200 3N, inlet 200 mm Ø, outlet 200 x 200 mm, 5.5 litre/rev., 0.25 kW SEW drive, 10 rpm, 3.3 m3/h, stainless steel 316 execution, rotor with interchangeable scrapers (synthetic and 1 s/s knurled scraper blade), overall height 325 mm, suited for both conveying and met...
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Waeschle ZKH 320 rotary valve for powders
1x Rotary valve, Waeschle, ZKH 320.1/18 GC, suitable for discharging and metering powders, incl. special powder inlet device, housing hard chrome plated inside, interchangeable rotor blades, inlet and outlet 285 x 210 mm, incl. inlet adapter to 250 mm Ø with leakage gas collector, 18 litre/rev, gas purge...
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Waeschle ZRD 250 chrome/stainless steel valve with quick cleaning
1x Rotary valve, Coperion Waeschle, ZRD 250.2/5 CC, quick cleaning execution, housing inside hard chrome plated, rotor stainless steel, rotor provided with scraper blades for scraping of build-ups in the housing, gas purged labyrinth rings to protect the shaft seal, max. working temp. 60 degree Celsius, ...
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TBMA HAR 250 'High-duty' blow-through valve
1x Rotary valve, TBMA, HAR 250, suitable as airlock and for dosing/discharging powder or granulate, stainless steel rotor with interchangeable mild steel rotor blades, 250 mm inlet and outlet, 19 litre/rev., overall height 430 mm, air purge shaft seals, without drive, used in the plastic industry
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TBMA HGR 200 high-duty rotary airlock feeder
1x Rotary valve, TBMA, HGR 200, blow-through valve for direct dosing into pneumatic conveying systems, rotor with interchangeable rotor blades and removable rotor chamber reducers, without drive, 200 mm inlet, 75 mm outlet connections allowing the valve to be directly mounted in the conveying line, gland...
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Blow-Through valve - 165x165 / 150 / 85 mm
1x Rotary valve, Mann & Hummel, inlet 165 x 165 mm incl. reducer to 150 mm, reducer provided with air vent, 65 mm blow-through connections allowing the valve to be directly mounted in the conveying line, 0.4/0.63 kW, 18/34 rpm SEW gear motor with guarded chain drive, overall height without reducer 425 mm...
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