Separation / Filtration / Screening

Air/Gases Filters
Ultrafilter P-EG s/s housing for gas filtration - DN 50
1x Air/Gases Filter, Ultrafilter, P-EG 0108, stainless steel 304 filter housing for purification of compressed air and other technical gases, nominal flow 1080 m3/h, max. 1440 m3/h, DN 50 flange connections, installation length 260 mm, overall height 587 mm
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Dewatering drums
Dewatering drum
1x Dewatering drum, 2 mm slit-width, inlet 85 mm Ø, drum 250 mm Ø, 5x cleaning nozzle, dimensions 144 x 45 x 104 cm (lxwxh)
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Dust filters
cyclone with compressed air cleaned filter
1x Dust filter, Schlösser Anlagentechnik, cyclone 250 mm Ø, inlet 30 mm Ø, air extractor opening 80 mm Ø, stainless steel AISI 304, the air leaves the cyclone through a compressed air cleaned dust filter, mounted in a stainless steel housing, overall dimensions 60 x 58 x 148 cm (lxwxh)
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Aerob AAS Dust Filter – 4.2 m2
1x Dust filter, Aerob-Beth, AAS 0.4 Gr.2 Br.U RSD, installation filter, 4 filter elements, 4.2 m2 filter surface, compressed air cleaned, Donaldson IPC control system for filter cleaning
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Final filter for the process industry
1x Dust filter, H13 EN 1822 HEPA mini pleat filter / final filter, installation length 1500 mm (incl. adapter), 55 mm Ø flange connections, differential pressure measurement, used in the food industry
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Suction filter for vacuum conveying with non-return valve
1x Dust filter, suction filter for vacuum conveying with non-return valve, connection 77 mm Ø
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