Separation / Filtration / Screening

Curved screens
Bow Screen 500 x 1300 mm screen surface - 0.75 mm
1x Curved screen, Eillert, 0.75 mm slot opening, effective surface area 500 x 1300 mm (wedge wire screen), overall height 2.05 m, minor damage at lower screen part, a static bow screen is used for separation of solids from process water and waste water
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Dewatering drums
Dewatering drum
1x Dewatering drum, 2 mm slit-width, inlet 85 mm Ø, drum 250 mm Ø, 5x cleaning nozzle, dimensions 144 x 45 x 104 cm (lxwxh)
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Dust filters
Final filter for the process industry
1x Dust filter, H13 EN 1822 HEPA mini pleat filter / final filter, installation length 1500 mm (incl. adapter), 55 mm Ø flange connections, differential pressure measurement, used in the food industry
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Receiver with air purge cleaned filter
1x Dust filter, Techno-G, receiver with pneumatic cleaned dust filter, 7 filter elements (55 mm Ø x 200 mm), product inlet 50 mm Ø, product outlet (bottom) 300 mm Ø, provided with E+H Ex level switch, overall height 132 cm, used in the food industry
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Cyclone separator
4x Dust filter, cyclone for separation of particles/dust from air using centrifugal force, cyclone 200 mm Ø x 550 mm high, provided with WAM RV5 rotary airlock (0.55 kW) and chute, overall height 1.09 m, feed tube 60 mm Ø, air discharge tube 65 mm Ø, product/dust outlet 60 mm Ø, suitable for product recovery, as a receiver for p...
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Liquid filters
Liquid filter
1x Liquid filter, VF 777, 608R2K6B9, volume 37.5 litres, liquid group 2, design pressure 0-10 bar, test pressure 15 bar, design temperature 0-80 °C, PED category Art.3 Par.3, vessel material ss316L, used in the food industry
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Where we are
Surplus Select is located in Swifterbant (Netherlands). More contact details....
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