Valves (pneumatic)
Flowserve / Kämmer DN 150 valve with Ex IP converter
1x Valve (pneumatic), Kämmer Ventile (Flowserve), 35039IP, DN 150, PN 10, valve plug and seat ring s/s 316Ti, positioner with I/P converter EEx ib IIc T6/T5/T4
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Saunders KB diaphragm valve - DN 100
1x Valve (pneumatic), Saunders, KB, DN 100, PN 10, GG25 (cast iron) body, rubber lined, straight through bore, flanged, diaphragm valve type
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used APV valves
20x Valve (pneumatic), APV, including piping and some sensors
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Samson control valve with positioner DN 32
1x Valve (pneumatic), Samson, DN 32, PN 16, control valve type 3241-0004-02, pneum. actuator type 3277-53104120-00, electro-pneumatic positioner type 3760-0022110.02, 4-20 mA
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