Ball valves
Econ 3/8
1x Ball valve, Econ, stainless steel 3-way ball valve, inner diameter 3/8" (10 mm), DIN 259, 1000 WOG, 1/2, 1.4408, pneumatic operated with spring return type ES0025.M1A05L.11NO, Ex II 2GD c IIC TX, Bürkert electrically actuated control valve, Fisher/Emerson Topworx type TVA-K2WGNCM electrical position indicator
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Ball valve DN 40 stainless steel
1x Ball valve, DN 40, PN 16, CF8M (SS 316), electro-pneumatic activated
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Bellow valves
KSB BOA-H bellows-type shut-off valve DN 80 PN 16 - unused
2x Bellow valve, KSB, BOA-H, nominal size DN 80, nominal pressure class PN 16 (bar), material EN-JL 1040, temperature -10 - 300°C, not used
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Bin dischargers
AZO VB 500 B MS Vibration Bottom - unused
1x Bin discharger, AZO, VB 500 B MS, unbalance vibrator JVM 0.15 kW ATEX II 3GD T120 T4, inlet 500 mm Ø, outlet 250 mm Ø, incl. flexible connection, new/unused
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Bin Activator for discharging silos and hoppers
1x Bin discharger, Iserco, 1250 mm Ø, 0.24 kW electric vibrator, outlet 400 mm Ø, incl. new spare U-shaped sleeve, product contact parts of stainless steel AISI 304
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Butterfly Valves
Andocksysteme G.Untch ASBV-PS passive valve DN 250
1x Butterfly Valve, Andocksysteme G.Untch GmbH, ASBV-PS, DN 250, main seal EPDM white, product-contacted parts stainless steel 316L, elastomers FDA compliant, bearings PEEK
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Where we are
Surplus Select is located in Swifterbant (Netherlands). More contact details....
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