Drying / Cooling / Heating

Lödige FKM 600 D paddle mixer-dryer
1x Dryer, Lödige, FKM 600 D, double-walled paddle mixer for mixing and drying powders and granules, capacity 600 litres, filling volume 200 - 420 litres, suitable for powders and granules with a maximum bulk density of 1 kg/dm3, made of stainless steel 321 (1.4541), double-walled, jacket can be heated up to 140 °C, 15 kW SEW dri...
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Heat exchangers
Shell and tube heat exchanger / Condenser
1x Heat exchanger, SRI, shell side 10 bar at 50 °C, tube side 0.1 bar at 120 °C, with compensator and sight glass, connections tube bundle DN 200, at bottom with reducer with 2x DN 50 dairy connection, shell 2x DN 50 flange connection, total length 310 cm, used in food industry
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Schmidt SIGMA 37 SBN plate heat exchanger
1x Heat exchanger, API Schmidt - Bretten, SIGMA 37 SBN, max. operating pressure 6 bar, max. operating temperature 140 °C, connections DN 80, 3 sections (69, 11 and 59 litres volume), connections front 2 high and 1 low, connections rear 2 low, connections side 1 low, sanitary, dimensions 150 x 60 x 160 cm (lxwxh), used in food in...
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Screw Heat Exchanger - Van Beek Celsius CWR300
1x Heat exchanger, Van Beek - Celsius, CWR 300, twin screw heat exchanger, heat transfer through jacketed wall and screw shafts, design temperature jacket and screws 250 °C, stainless steel AISI 316 product contact parts, screws 295 mm Ø x 3625 mm long, 0.37 kW SEW drive, 1.7 rpm, Regloplas 300L thermal oil heater, temperature i...
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Screw heat exchanger - Van Beek Celsius CWR80
1x Heat exchanger, Van Beek - Celsius, CWR 80, twin screw heat exchanger, heat transfer through jacketed wall and screw shafts, stainless steel AISI 304 product contact parts, screws 78 mm Ø x 1185 mm long, 1.1 kW SEW drive, adjustable speed (7.9 - 79 rpm), Regloplas 150 Smart thermal oil heater, temperature infinitely adjustabl...
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Tanis Confectionery thin film cooker (evaporator)
1x Heat exchanger, SRI / Tanis Confectionery, FilmCooker, thin film cooker with optimum evaporation, for continuous production, used to cook caramel mass to the desired final dry matter content in short time, inlet 60 mm Ø with Tri-clamp connection, outlet 75 mm Ø with Tri-clamp connection, cooker: design temp. 180°C, design pre...
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Where we are
Surplus Select is located in Swifterbant (Netherlands). More contact details....
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