Pumps / Blowers

Rotodyne CV-400/1 fan
1x Blower, Rotodyne, CV-400/1, 5000 m3/h, static pressure 315 Pa, suction opening 400 mm Ø, 50 Hz motor (∆/Y 230/400 V, 0.75 kW, 1380 rpm), (Y 460 V, 0.86 kW, 1570 rpm)
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Stainless steel Fan for powder conveying 5.5 kW
1x Blower, stainless steel 304, 5.5 kW, 2920 rpm, suction inlet 20 cm Ø, outlet opening 12 cm Ø, cleaning hatch, condensate drain
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Piller VHRG 0235-6S blower 11 kW
1x Blower, Piller, VHRG 0235-6S, V: 0.1 m3/s (360 m3/h), Ptot: 18.2 kPa, new 11 kW drive
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Centrifugal fan - middle pressure - 18.5 kW
1x Blower, Halifax Fan, 22.5 MBI, 18.5 kW direct drive, 2940 rpm, inlet 450 mm Ø, outlet 450 x 285 mm, incl. counter flanges for inlet and outlet, middle pressure fan
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Centrifugal pumps
15 Litre stainless steel tank with Spandau PRA 6H immersible pump
1x Centrifugal pump, Spandau Pumpen, PRA E 6H-170+MMV, 15 litre stainless steel tank with single stage immersible centrifugal pump, max. flow 57 litre/min., max. head 6.6 m, max. temperature 60 °C, 0.18 kW, 230 V, immersion depth 170 mm, used for coolant
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SIHI Sterling ZLI C 040200 (15 m3/h 5.5 bar, 5.5 kW)
2x Centrifugal pump, SIHI Sterling, ZLI C 040200 AV BH3 OB 2 Nx, 15 m3/h, 5.5 bar, 5.5 kW, 2900 rpm, pump housing of steel, inlet DN 40, outlet DN 40, connections with flange, inline, mounted on stainless steel frame, used in the food industry
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Where we are
Surplus Select is located in Swifterbant (Netherlands). More contact details....
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