Pallet conveyors

Chain conveyor for pallets with rundown
1x Pallet conveyor, 3x chain conveyor for pallets with 1x roller conveyor for rundown and loading by forklift truck, chain conveyors provided with 3 chains, distance between outsides chains 1000 mm, SEW drives, 1.1 kW, 13 rpm, chain conveyor lengths 2x 1.63 m en 1x 2.39 m, roller conveyor with 1.15 m lon...
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Powered pallet roller conveyor
1x Pallet conveyor, powered roller conveyor, effective roll width 1.22 mm, length 1.62 m incl. end/stop bar, 0.37 kW SEW drive, 3x Sick photoelectric sensor (WL18 P132), 6 spare rolls
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