Pumps / Blowers

Eccentric Screw Pumps
Netzsch Nemo SY NM011 progressing cavity pump
1x Eccentric Screw Pump, Netzsch, Nemo NM011SY01S24B, 0.16 m3/h (160 litre/h), 120 mWK (11.7 bar), 20°C, 0.88 kW, 733 rpm, SEW drive, mounted on stainless steel base plate, used in the food industry
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Netzsch Nemo BF NM045 Progressing cavity pump
1x Eccentric Screw Pump, Netzsch, Nemo NM045BF04S18B, 0.7-3 m3/h, 6-12 bar, stainless steel AISI 316 product contact parts, inlet hopper 1500 x 240 mm, outlet DN 80 flange connection, 11 kW, 119 rpm, used in the food industry for 3 months
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Hydrophore units
DP hydro unit booster system
1x Hydrophore unit, Duijvelaar, HU2 DPVE 4-30 C1"x35, 650 litre HDPE tank, compact construction, DP-Control panel, with 2 pumps of 0.55 kW, 2 bar and 1.4 liter/s
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Piston Transfer Pumps
Graco Fast Flo stainless steel drum pump
1x Piston Transfer Pump, Graco, 1:1 Fast-Flo, 226942, stainless steel with polyethylene seals, air operated, max 15.1 litre/min, max pressure 12 bar, ideal for lower viscosity fluids, insert length 90 cm, suitable for 200 litre drums
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Refrigerant pumps
Witt GP 51 open refrigant pump
1x Refrigerant pump, Witt, GP 51, 16 bar / -10 °C, 8 bar / -60 °C, 3 kW, 1450 rpm, DN 50 (2") flange connections, unused
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Rotary Lobe Pumps
Waukesha 030 Universal 1 sanitary positive displacement pump
1x Rotary Lobe Pump, SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, 030 U1, sanitary, 776 litre/h (0.227 l/rev, 57 rpm), 2.2 kW Ex drive, 1-1/2" DIN threaded 11851 in- and outlet, pump of stainless steel 316L, stainless steel gear box, the pump is mounted on a stainless steel frame with height adjustable legs
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Where we are
Surplus Select is located in Swifterbant (Netherlands). More contact details....
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